Links to other sites

Here you will find a list of sites I have found useful and interesting as they relate to origami in general and to making origami accessible for blind people in particular.

The Origami Resource Center

One of the best sites to visit for everything origami, with information, instructions and links to many other origami resources.

Origami by Michal Kosmulski

A large site with thought-provoking blog posts, crease patterns, origami instructions and the author's astonishing origami creations from simple to amazingly complex..


Community for Creators of Origami  

This is a site not only for creators, but for groups and individual folders as well. You can register as a creator or a folder and can search for creators, contact them via the site, look for origami groups and find the latest news and goings-on in the international world of origami.


 It's Just a Bit of Paper, the site of Rikki Donachie,

This page has excellent descriptions of the most common origami bases as well as instructions for four well-described models thus far. 

Each base and model has a link as well as a matching text-only file.

blind origami

This website was created by Robert Eggleston, using Github Pages, at the end of July 2021 as his final project for the NFB EQ program.

The NFB EQ program is a four week engineering program for the visually impaired, run by the National Federation of the Blind, in which students practice their spacial thinking skills by learning about a range of topics including technical multi view drawing, puzzles, legos, Menger Sponges, and origami.

At the end of the program, the students create projects demonstrating what they had learned in a learning resource designed for the rest of the blind community, Robert, obviously, chose origami.

This site provides text-only descriptions for basic origami terms, folds, bases as well as three models so far.

Origami for the Blind

This page by Hans Dybkjær provides text-only instructions in Danish. There are four models thus far as well as explanation of basic techniques, paper to be used and more.

Hans has been folding, designing, teaching and writing about origami for many years and has in recent times been involved with teaching blind persons in Denmark.

The Accessible Origami Project on Facebook

This is a group created by Lisamaria Martinez to bring together people from all over the world interested in making origami accessible to the blind. 

Dr Lizzie Burns talks to Yuen Har, who is visually impaired about her passion for origami!

"My mind was opened by meeting Yuen Har at a British Origami Society convention. Yuen is visually impaired and an astonishing origamist. I hope this video can inspire you that even for things you find hard you can overcome challenges with a positive, fun and creative attitude to yourself." - Lizzie Burns

10 Surprising Ways Origami Can Empower Blind Children

- Article by Lindy van der Merwe for

10 Ways To Help Your Blind or Visually Impaired Child Get Started With Origami

- Article by Lindy van der Merwe for

If you have any links to add, please feel free to contact me for possible inclusion on this page.