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Below are some links where you will find descriptive origami instructions in different formats. These include sites where authors have created text-only instructions that are specifically geared towards blind and/or visually impaired users or where the description is clear enough to follow without having to     consult diagrams or pictures. With regard to format, the links include text-only instructions on the site itself, downloadable text files as well as video/audio descriptions in the form of tutorials or classes. Links will be added as they become available, so please feel free to let me know if you come across any origami-related links that may be of particular interest to blind/VI users. 


How to Fold the Magic Bunny - Video by Reiner Delgado (in German)

To learn more and to order the innovative DBSV Tactile Book - Kim and the Magic Bunny, visit

DBSV (The German Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired)


How to Make Square Paper Out of Rectangular Paper - Video by Lisamaria Martinez


Rishika Kartik - Tactile Art Club, Colorado Center for the Blind


Various Models - Lindy van der Merwe - The Accessible Origami Project

The Aveuglami Project

Various Models in French - Michel Lucas - The Aveuglami Project 

On site with downloadable text files

On-line Class

Bookmark and Cup 

Origami - Making Folding Fun - A class recording by American Printing House for the Blind, presented by Lisamaria Martinez, Aug 31 2022


Pyramid Container by Cy Chen

The Blind Grind: Episode 7, Origami - Podcast via Facebook Live

Magazine Article

Origami Fox

Article by Andrea Cataquiz 

Future Reflections Volume 40, Number 3      Summer 2021

A magazine for parents and teachers of blind children published by

the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults in partnership

with the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children.


Origami Cup

Educational Resource

Paper Airplane