About Credits and Resources for the Accessible Origami Project

- The Credits and Resources included with each model are an indication of

1. where I have found a model or some information on a model; and

2. where a model can be found with visual instruction methods included, specifically so that you know where to look in case you need sighted assistance with any model

or a part thereof.

- One of the best ways to find origami instructions is simply to do a search with

your favourite search engine for words like "origami", "paper folding", or you could

search for a specific kind of project like "origami wallet". Some sites like




have many projects which can be found by doing a search just on that specific site.

- It has been my aim to create something that would not only be of help to others,

but also work that is, for the most part, my own, while also making use of the resources and methods that I was able to find on the Internet. As is standard for non-fiction

material, I have, as far as possible, indicated sources of information.

In general, it has been extremely difficult for me to find the origin of a model.

The same models can often be found on a wide range of websites. However, the names of models as well as the description and representation of folding methods and sequences vary a lot.

Where available, I have endeavored to include quoted, copyright, adapted and related information to the best of my knowledge.

If you have anything to add, remove or change regarding copyright issues, you are

more than welcome to contact me at


Further, models that need to be marked, measured or cut were not included here, although

this seems to be a possibility to consider for future projects that might benefit

visually impaired crafters and teachers of visually impaired children.

Also, since many of us are interested in doing craft activities with our children, I have tried to include a few models that should be easy to teach to kids, or that

should interest them. As mentioned, one of the reasons I love origami is because it has opened up a world to me in terms of being able to do craft projects that hasn't

been an option to me before, including decorating, providing models for my kids to

color or decorate, card making, scrap booking, gift wrapping options, and the list goes on. Therefore, projects that could be useful for these purposes have been a

favourite of mine.