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This is a traditional model.

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    Paper to be used: Square, any size; use large paper to practice with at first.

Folding level: Easy/Beginner

Steps: 12

Description: This is a simple, wearable hat, with four upward-pointing triangular flaps, forming the crown.


Crowns are great fun to make and wear for adults and kids alike and can be very useful for all kinds of festivities or dress-up parties.

Recycle newspaper or gift wrap for wearable crowns and decorate them to suit the occasion.

Save on the cost of buying party hats by including folding and decorating these crowns as a fun party activity and send each kid away with his or her own origami masterpiece.

Have fun with kids creating a few crowns for dolls and other soft toys or characters from smaller squares.

Using origami or other colored paper will form an attractive pattern, making this crown even more eye-catching.

Try bright or metallic colors like gold, silver, red, green and dark blue.

If using two-sided origami paper, lay your paper with the patterned or colored side down before starting to fold.

NOTE:  This model starts from the blintz base. If you are able to achieve this without instructions, fold the blintz base; then go to Step 5.

You can also learn about the Blintz and other origami bases at the following link:
Most-Used Origami Folds and Bases
Step 1
Place a square piece of paper down on a hard, flat surface with its edges to the left and right, top and bottom.
Step 2
Fold the left edge over to meet the right edge. Crease and unfold.
Step 3
Fold the top edge down to meet the bottom edge. Crease and unfold.
Step 4
Make the blintz fold by using the method you prefer to fold all four corners in to meet at the center of the square.
When pressed flat, you should end up with a smaller square-shaped model divided into 4 triangles.
Make sure that, as far as possible, all outside corners are folded neatly at a 90 degree angle and that the crease lines all lie straight and meet precisely in the center of the square.

Step 5

Flip the paper over so your folded square model has a smooth surface again and position it as for Step 1.

Step 6

Fold the top edge down to meet the bottom edge to reveal a rectangle made up of three triangles.

Crease and unfold 

Step 7

Fold the top and bottom edges in to meet at the horizontal center line. Crease well and leave folded.

As you do this, two triangles should pop out at the top and bottom center of your model.

Press the paper flat so the triangles point up and down.

What you will have now is a model that is made up of two large triangles pointing away from each other, with their bases touching and 4 very small triangles that lie on the left and right sides, just above and below the horizontal center of your model.

Step 8

Flip the large bottom triangle upwards and press flat.

Step 9

Notice that there are two small triangular corners at the bottom of your model. Fold these small bottom corners upwards and inwards at a 45 degree angle and make sure their edges are straight in relation to the model's horizontal and vertical creases.

Crease well and leave folded.

Step 10

Flip the large triangle mentioned in Step 8 down again, so it covers the two corners you have just folded in the previous step.

Step 11

Without picking the model up from your folding surface, rotate the model 180 degrees and repeat Steps 8 to 10.

After this step you should only be able to feel two large triangles pointing up and down with their bases touching to form the horizontal center of your diamond-shaped piece of paper.

Step 12

Turn your paper 90 degrees so the slit at the center of the model is in a vertical position. Pick up the model and gently pull to the sides with your thumbs to open up the slit and gently push the top and bottom sides inwards into a square shape.

Turn over and marvel at your beautiful crown.

Alternative model:

            ADL0003 - ORIGAMI - CROWN BOX

Start with the patterned side up when folding and turn your crown upside-down to use as a pretty box.  Fold the flaps in underneath the model or let them splay out or stand up around the box.

Make a lid slightly larger than the box with or without the flaps visible. If you prefer, glue the flaps down.

Making origami accessible to visually impaired crafters through text instructions.

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Compiled by Lindy van der Merwe, December 2009

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