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Paper to be used: Square, any size; use large paper to practice with at
note squares work very well for this model.
Folding level: Easy/Beginner
Steps: 11
Description: This is a flat model, resembling a lantern with a flat top
and bottom and a diamond-shaped center part that could be described as a
square with its sides jutting out on the left and right.
This is a fairly easy flat model, that is especially suitable to be used
in scrap books, on cards or, if folded from small squares, as
embellishments in conjunction with other paper crafts or use string to
hang as paper chain decorations.
Using origami or other colored paper will form an attractive pattern,
making this lantern even more eye-catching.
If using two-sided origami paper, lay your paper with the patterned or
colored side down before starting to fold.
NOTE:  This model starts from the blintz base. If you are able to
achieve this without instructions, do the following: Fold the blintz
base once, turn over, fold the blintz base a second time and turn over
once more, lastly fold the blintz base a third time and then go to step 9.
You can also learn about the Blintz and other origami bases at the following link:
Most-Used Origami Folds and Bases
Step 1
Place a square piece of paper down on a hard, flat surface with its edges to the left and right, top and bottom.
Step 2
Fold the left edge over to meet the right edge. Crease and unfold.
Step 3
Fold the top edge down to meet the bottom edge. Crease and unfold.
Step 4
Make the blintz fold by using the method you prefer to fold all four corners in to meet at the center of the square.
When pressed flat, you should end up with a smaller square-shaped model divided into 4 triangles.
Make sure that, as far as possible, all outside corners are folded neatly at a 90 degree angle and that the crease lines all lie straight and meet precisely in the center of the square.

Step 5
Turn the model over.
Step 6
Position your paper once again as for Step 1 and then repeat Steps 2 to
4 with your folded square a second time.
You will be working with more layers of paper, so press down hard enough
with your fingers to make strong creases.
Step 7
Flip the paper over again.
Step 8
Repeat step 4 again, folding in the corners for one last time.
Step 9
Flip the paper over once more and position it so one of the points is
facing you or so it resembles a diamond shape.
Your square will have 4 triangular flaps, each comprising 2 smaller
triangles, coming together at the center of the model.
Step 10
Focus on the point with the two triangular flaps furthest away from you.
They will be positioned with their long edges towards each other,
forming a vertical slit.
Gently open the slit and press the two triangles away from you and
towards the left and right edges of the model.
The triangles will open into a flat, rectangular area, that will be the
top part of your lantern.
Step 11
Repeat the previous step on the two triangular flaps nearest you,
pressing them towards you to flatten them. They will form the flat,
bottom part of your lantern.
You should  end up with a pretty lantern of your very own.
Making origami accessible to visually impaired crafters through text
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~`~Compiled by Lindy van der Merwe, November 2014