This base uses the technique of crumpling the paper before folding a
model. It is featured on the French Project Aveuglami site and
described here with the help of Google Translate.

This innovative technique by Vincent Floderer can be used to create very
interesting models. Apart from using it for making objects, crumpled
paper can also be used to create texture, which may be appealing on a
visual as well as a tactual level.
For instance, glluing a crumpled sheet to an ordinary sheet may be a way
for visually impaired folders to create duo paper, using texture instead
of color, thus taking advantage of models that make use of the concept
of duality.

To make the Crumpled Base:

1. Locate the center of the square or rectangle.
This can be done by folding into half or quarters, but does not have to
be a precise point.

2. Pinch the center of the paper and lift up the sheet so that it falls
down forming a kind of tube open at the bottom.

3. Hold the top with one hand and slide the other hand up and down the
tube, squeezing quite tightly.
Depending on the thickness and size of the sheet, you could use your
fingers to pinch or your entire hand to squeeze the paper.
Go straight down (no twisting).
Be careful not to pull too hard (the paper will tear, especially at the

4. Repeat pinching or squeezing the paper, sliding up and down several
times in a row.
- Pleats form all along the tube.

5. Turn the tube over so the opening is facing the ceiling.
Gently open the tube, Releasing the different layers of paper.
Completely open the sheet and then flip it down, closing it like you
would close an umbrella.

6. Hold the top with one hand, and repeat the creasing operation several
times from top to bottom.
- The pleats along the tube are getting tighter and tighter.

7. Repeat the sheet-turning and crumpling operations as many times as
desired, until the degree of crumpling is considered sufficient.

8. Open the sheet gently and smooth out the paper as much or as little
as desired.

The above information has been compiled with the help of Google Translate.
Original Source: The Aveuglami Project, Folding Sheet, Crumpled Base
Author: Floderer, Vincent
The Aveuglami Project
Last update: 2011-11-07