Text-Only Instructions

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Slight adaptations were made so as to make the instructions easier to follow and the model easier to fold without sight.

Paper to be used: Square, any size; a square made from construction, copy or printer paper will work well for this model.

Folding level: Easy/Beginner

Steps: 7

Description: This is a flat, two-dimensional heart. The heart is divided by a vertical fold line on the front and is smooth on the back.

The front of the model can be opened to reveal a message by folding back the two flaps of the heart.


Fold this model for Valentine's Day or any time you would like to show a little love. 

Use in scrap books or on top of gifts.

Alternatively, a piece of paper can simply be folded into this model and decorated for a quick children's project or a personal touch.

If using two-sided paper, lay your paper with the patterned or colored side down before starting to fold.

Step 1

Place a square of paper on your work surface and position it so that the points are facing up and down, left and right.

Step 2

Bring the left point over to meet the right point. Crease and unfold.

Step 3

Bring the top point down to meet the bottom point. Crease and unfold. 

Step 4

Fold down the top point to meet the center of the paper.

Crease and leave folded.

Step 5

Fold up the bottom point to meet the top edge.

Crease and leave folded.

 Step 6

Fold the bottom left and right corners inwards to meet the center vertical crease.

Crease and leave folded.

 Step 7

Fold back the top and sides to form the rounded part of the heart and secure with a drop of glue if necessary.

You could only fold the top and side points back, which will create a slightly rounded shape for your heart. If you want a much more even and rounded shape, make more smaller folds all around the top of the heart.

 Alternatively, carefully cut around the top of your heart to create a nice rounded shape for its top.

If you find you do not like the small folds at the back of the heart, you can always fold two hearts of the same size, then glue the backs together. This will hide the small folds, will make your heart/s look similar on both sides and give you two places to write a message. You can fold the two hearts from paper with the same color, or use different colors for an interesting effect.

For instance, use one red and one white square and then write or draw on the white heart with a red marker, etc.

Making origami accessible to visually impaired crafters through text instructions.

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Compiled by Lindy van der Merwe, May 2019

Revised, July 2022