This is a short description of how to fold a simple origami fox. It only has a few easy folds. It will wow you as it suddenly folds into shape. 

1 Start with a square, positioned as a diamond.

2 Fold the bottom point up to the top to make a triangle.

3 Fold the two left and right points of the new triangle up to meet the top to get a square shape divided into 2 triangles.

4 Turn the shape over and position it like a square, with the corner with all the loose points at the top right.

5 Now fold the top left corner, all the layers, down to make a triangle with many layers.

6 Keeping your triangle so all the loose layers are forming the vertical right side of the triangle, fold the entire right edge of the triangle over about one third to the left. Press flat.

There is no mark to help you here, so just take a guess when you fold the right side of the triangle over.

7 After this last fold, there will be a narrow strip of 4 layers on the right side with a triangular point sloping to the top left.

8 Gently open the single layer on the right, folding it to the right.

9 The right side of the model will split into 2, each side with 2 layers. These are the front legs of your fox.

10 If you move your fingers away from you, you will discover the head of the fox and behind this, 2 ears that are standing up.

11 To form the head, place a forefinger behind the ears and gently press on the head, the triangle that is pointing toward you, with your thumb to bend it down a little.

12 The fox is in a sitting position, with its front feet and head facing you directly.

13 If preferred, you can gently turn the head to look to the right or left.

14 The body is folded flat and can be felt toward the left of the figure.

15 A tail can be created by folding a very small point over on the left bottom corner of the model.

16 You can position the body and legs so the fox will sit upright on its own.

17 You can also attach it to a card and it will face front as a 3D embellishment.

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