This easy model is a favorite with people of all ages. The fold is aimed at capturing one of a rabbit's 'outstanding' features, namely its ears. It also falls into the category of action models - those folded paper figures that can actually 'do' something! This bunny is not just similar to the jumping frog in what it can do, but the folds are, in fact, very similar, as you will see in a future post.

If you are using two-sided paper, make sure that the side you want for the bunny is facing down before you start to fold.

1 You can use any rectangular piece of paper like a business card, a receipt or ticket stub.

2 Place the rectangle in portrait orientation, with the short edges at the top and bottom.

3 Fold the top right corner diagonally down to meet the left edge.

Crease and unfold.

4 Now fold the left corner in the same way, diagonally down so it meets the right edge.

Crease and unfold.

5 The top part of your paper should have 2 diagonal creases that intersect each other now. 

Bend the paper backwards, making a horizontal mountain fold that goes through the center of the 2 creases, just where they cross.

6 Unfold the last fold to reveal the creases so far. Basically, a print X shape with a line through it, forming several small triangles.

7 Push in the triangles on the sides so they collapse. You will have something that looks like a house.

8 Fold the two sides of the "house" inward, so they meet in the center. The folds will go under the points of the triangle.

Now the "house" should look like an arrow.

9 Turn the arrow over from left to right.

10 Fold the bottom edge up so it almost reaches the top, but make sure the point of the arrow is still visible.

11 Fold just over half of this same edge down again and make a solid horizontal crease.

You have now created the accordion fold on the underside of the figure, which is the mechanism that will help with the bouncing action.

12 Turn the figure over again and bring both points of the triangle upright so they stand together at the center to create the ears.

13 Gently curl the points of the ears back a little, so they look a little 3D.

14 Let the bunny bounce by pressing down with a finger behind its ears; then let go.

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