Another easy model that is a 2D or flat representation of the figure, viewed from the side. 

1 To start, place a square down so it forms a diamond shape.

2 Fold it in half from left to right to make a triangle and then open it flat again.

3 Fold the bottom edges in so they lie along the center vertical crease - this is a kite fold.

4 Fold the top point down to reach just past the top edge of the folds you just made.

5 Fold the figure closed in half from left to right.

6 Flip the model over from left to right.

7 Lastly, fold the bottom point to the left and  slightly downwards at an angle, to form the tail. 

There is no landmark, but try to make the tail so it will fit the size of the body of the whale.

8 Flip the model over once again from left to right and turn it 90 degrees so the  tail points upwards.

9 If preferred, add a visual or tactile mark to represent the eye near the left side point.

Your wandering whale is ready.

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   Though there may be small differences in folding methods and sequences for the model as described above, for descriptions with visuals, visit