Text-Only Instructions: Michaela Zimmermann, Cologne, Germany

Designer/Creator: Nick Robinson

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This six-pointed star, also known as the Star of David, is folded from a rectangle. The first fold, a 30 degree angle, is not obtained by measuring but by connecting the center vertical crease and the top left corner for making the fold.

The finished model can be described as a large triangle, which makes up 3 points of the star. Then there are 3 small triangles, seeming to have formed behind the large triangle. The back of the model is also interesting in that it has overlapping flaps that help to lock the finished model into place. 

Everything is cymmetrical, except for one of the small points, which seems to be divided by a fold line. This is only mentioned to assure the folder that this detail is, in fact, part of the finished design, and not a mistake on the folder's part.

1. Place a rectangle (A4 paper works perfectly) with long edges from top to bottom, with short ones from right to left or in portrait mode.

2. Mountain fold in half lengthwise, unfold.

3. The top right point needs to land on the previously folded vertical center line towards the bottom third of the rectangle. 

Put one finger on the top left corner, gently pull the top right corner down onto the center line with the other hand, creating a sharp tip at the top left corner.

The triangle just folded has to go over the entire top edge of the rectangle.

This 30 degree fold is a bit tricky at first, but manageable with some practice.

4. Fold the bottom right corner up along the right edge of the triangle you just created toward the top edge.

The corner doesn't go all the way to the end of the sharp tip at the top left corner of the triangle.

An equilateral triangle is formed with a small triangular overhang at the bottom left.

5. Fold this small overhang behind the bottom edge of the triangle, then between the two layers of paper inside the triangle.

6. First fold the equilateral triangle exactly in half at the upper point, unfold. After that, repeat at the left and right tips, unfold each time.

7. Bring the top tip of the triangle to the middle of the bottom edge, unfold. After that, bring the right tip to the middle of the left edge, unfold.

Then, bring the left tip to the middle of the right edge, unfold.

You have previous folds to help you find the exact center points.

8. Turn the triangle over like turning the page of a book.

The Valley Folds you have made previously will become mountain folds.

9. Bring the top tip of the triangle right into the middle of the triangle, where you can feel many previous folds forming a star. Unfold.

Then bring the right and left tips also exactly in the middle, unfold each time.

10. To finish the star, accordion fold each point of the triangle along the previously folded lines.

Tuck the second triangle under the first, the third under the second, and so on, so your star holds together well.

Your six-pointed star is finished.

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