AMAZING ANIMALS 8 - ORIGAMI - GOOFY GOOSE - by Michaela Zimmermann

If you have folded the swan and the duck, you might want to add this Goofy Goose to keep them company. You will, once again, be working with a similar folding sequence as those used for the swan and the duck, but if you follow the steps outlined below closely, the end result will be a very recognizable goofy goose.

1 To start, place a square down so it forms a diamond shape.

2 Fold it in half from left to right to make a triangle and open it again.

3 Fold the bottom edges in so they lie along the center vertical crease - this is a kite fold.

4 Flip the paper over from right to left.

5 Place the kite shape so that the sharp tip is facing away from you.

6 Fold the whole bottom, single layered triangle of the kite shape up along the horizontal crease, creating a small triangle at the bottom of the kite.

Use the back flaps and the center crease of the kite to help you get the triangle neat and straight.

7 Fold the small portion of the triangle that you have just folded up back down so that the tip of the small triangle aligns with the center point at the bottom line.

8 Fold the sharp top corner of the kite downward and align it with the center point of the bottom line - the same way as you did with the small triangle in the previous step.

9 Now, take this same flap and fold it in half upwards, so the point touches the top edge of the model.

10 Turn the shape 90 degrees so the triangle you have just folded in the previous step is to the right and the triangle you have folded in step 7 is to the left.

11 Pick up the figure and use a mountain fold from top to bottom to fold it in half. You will have the part with the wings to the left and the head poking out from the right edge.

12 Hold the model near its right point and pull up the neck of the goose to the left so it is more or less at a 90 degree angle.

13 Once the neck is upright or at the angle you like, squash the paper down so the fold will stay in place.

14 Adjust the beak in this way as well if preferred.

15 To make the goose 3D, open the folds making up its body so it forms a kind of stand.

16 If it falls forward, pull its neck backwards a little so it can balance better.

Compiled March 2023 by Michaela Zimmermann, Cologne, Germany

via The Accessible Origami Group