Models by Fellow Folders

This page is where you can find the contributions of fellow folders who have dedicated their time and efforts in compiling instructions so we can all benefit and share in the joy of origami. Since it turns out that there are folders from around the world, I have decided to include the contributor's current country and city as well as the original source if available.  

Some of us have been privileged to work with designers directly. This is indicated below the title of the post. We sincerely appreciate the designers that have made an effort to teach their wonderful designs so that we are able to fold and write verbal/text-only instructions.

So, if you are a designer/creator of origami, we would love to hear from you.


If you would like to contact any of the contributors below or put forward a model for inclusion on this page, simply send a message to

Please note that designers who have contributed more than five models have their own pages listed and linked from the Main Page. 

Simply search for the word "Designer" and you will see the names of the creators listed so far.